AGSC Certified Techs Recognized in Auto Glass Competition

All three winners—gold, silver and bronze—of the Pilkington Clear Advantage Auto Glass Technician Competition (AGTO) (see related story on page 25) are AGSC Master Certified Technicians.

1. AGSC Master Technician Macenzie Curbow of Novus Glass in Kennewick, Wash., took the gold.
2. AGSC Master Technician Collin Walton of Don’s Mobile Glass in Merced, Calif., took the silver.
3. AGSC Master Technician Travis Crebs of TechnaGlass in Taylorsville, Utah, took the bronze.

When asked what AGSC certification means to him, Walton explained, “Here at Don’s Mobile Glass all of the technicians are AGSC-certified. Don’s strives to empower their technicians to learn and achieve the highest quality workmanship.”

He adds, “Part of that is getting certified in every way possible. So the AGSC certification is one more accomplishment under my belt. I pursued the AGSC Master certification because it is the highest level certification offered by the AGSC and I wanted my name on the list.”

Curbow says, “I guess pursuing certification has always been a priority for me. Every day we are responsible for the safety of our customers  and their families. Being self-taught I’ve spent the better part of my career learning and getting AGSC certified was a huge part of that.”

He adds, “In our industry there is a wealth of knowledge. The AGSC has made that available to technicians so we can have confidence in our abilities to provide the safest possible install for our customers.

After all that’s why we do this. It’s a service. Being a part of the AGSC is more than just a certification, it’s the peace of mind that it gives our customers, knowing that their windshield was installed safely.”

ADAS Committee Discusses Best Practices for Calibration

Members of the Auto Glass Safety Council’s (AGSC) ADAS Committee during Auto Glass Week™. One topic of discussion was the possible creation of a program designed to help educate AGSC members on ADAS and calibrations.

The ADAS committee also discussed at length a best practices type document that would provide education and guidance regarding calibration.

It would then be up to individual companies and technicians to refer to the tool providers for guidance on how to provide a calibration using that specific tool.

“When we put together the AGRSS™ Standard, all the adhesive companies came together. That’s what I am hoping we can do here—get all the tool companies together to come up with some basic guidance on what is true and what is not,” said committee member Bob Beranek.

After a lively discussion during which various committee members provided input, the group voted to coordinate with the AGSC Education Committee to develop a training and certification program for AGSC Registered Member Companies interested in doing their own recalibrations.

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