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Council News

Harmonization Countdown: Registration and Certification Programs to Unite Soon

The Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) is working toward harmonization of its Registered Member Company program and its Certified Auto Glass Technician program by the end of December 2018.

This means that all technicians working for Registered Member Companies will be required to be certified by AGSC by December 31, 2018. New technicians of Registered Member Companies will be required to be certified within six months of their hire date. If the technician is AGSC Certified or AGSC Qualified when hired, then he/she will be considered certified AGSC member companies.

“There will be a number of benefits as AGSC expands its message to say ‘By using an AGSC Registered Member Company you can be assured all technicians are AGSC-certified,’” says AGSC director of operations Kathy Bimber. “We will also be able to expand our message to fleet, insurance and governmental entities.”

Bimber adds, “Harmonization benefits all of our members, and we are offering a number of options for members to meet this goal somewhat easily.”

Please contact with questions about the harmonization.

Member News

AGSC Debuts Marketing Co-Op Program for Smaller Companies

The Auto Glass Safety Council™’s (AGSC) board of directors recently approved a pilot marketing co-op program for smaller companies. This two-year pilot program enables companies that employ three technicians or less to receive a $300 discount on their annual AGSC registration dues of $600.

Companies that wish to participate in this marketing co-op program must agree to comply with the four criteria below and must provide evidence of this compliance to AGSC:

1. Use the AGSC Registered Member Company logo on all promotional materials;

2. Use the AGSC Registered Member Company logo on all websites and social media sites;

3. Mention their AGSC Registration in their CSR scripting; and

4. Require all staff members to participate in at least one AGSC training webinar annually.

Those currently eligible to participate in the program will soon receive a letter from AGSC, along with a form to be returned with the company’s next registration renewal paperwork.

“Those companies may then reduce the total amount due by $300 and mark as such on the copy of the invoice they return with their paperwork,” says AGSC director of operations
Kathy Bimber.

She adds, “This program is a winwin for smaller companies. They can save money on their dues while also utilizing the benefits of their AGSC membership in all of their promotional materials.”

AGRSS™ Standard News

New Interpretation Related to Non-OE Glass

The Auto Glass Safety Council’s (AGSC) AGRSS™ Standards Committee recently issued an interpretation of the Standard as it relates to the use of non-OE glass with lane departure warning systems (LDWS).

The interpretation, available in the AGSC Document Library on the AGSC website, reads as follows:

“The ANSI/AGSC/AGRSS 003- 2015 Standard does not prohibit the installation of non-OE glass on a vehicle with a lane departure warning system (LDWS) if the glass meets ANSI Z26.1 as required by Section 5.2 of the Standard and the owner/operator is advised in writing that recalibration of the LDWS may be required.”

The interpretation came as the result of an inquiry by a Registered Member Company asking if they are in compliance with the Standard if a non-OE windshield instead of an OEM windshield is installed in a vehicle with an LDWS.

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