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1 Lucky 13? D’Ieteren Group Sells 13% to New Shareholders

D’Ieteren Group announced that Hellman & Friedman, BlackRock-Managed Funds and GIC are joining the company’s list of shareholders and will acquire up to a total of 13 percent of Belron.

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2 Is State Farm’s New Offer One the Industry Can’t Refuse?

A new offer is on the table from State Farm to auto glass providers in its National Glass Program. State Farm will be offering a labor rate of $42 per NAGS labor hour in Zones 1, 2 and 3.

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3 Safety First: Glass Recalls Announced in Several Vehicle Models

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration alerted consumers about safety recalls on windshields and windows in certain vehicle models which require repair as soon as possible.

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4 Investors Consider Cash-Out of Belron Shares

A single-asset secondary transaction is on the table for consideration by Clayton Dubilier & Rice that could garner $4 billion for the Belron Group.

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5 One Shop Owner’s Action: Smart Business— or Just Plain Evil?

A woman came into Auto Glass Experts on Saturday, June 19, crying. She said someone had thrown an object through the back window of her Nissan Sentra, smashing the backlite, and glass had gotten on her and her dog. She ended up with a replacement but didn’t pay for it. Was how the owner handled it smart business or just plain evil?

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