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1. Prius Owners Bring Lawsuit against Toyota – Claiming Defective Windshields

Several Toyota Prius owners filed a lawsuit against the car company claiming to have defective windshields. According to the vehicle owners’ complaint, Prius windshields form 2016 and 2017 randomly crack and break without being in hazardous conditions.

Visit glassBYTEs/com and enter “Prius” into the News Archive Search box on the right hand side of the page.

2. VIN Number Look Ups

The Vehicle Identification Number(VIN) can provide a variety of information on a person’s vehicle, which of course includes the type of auto glass. While the 17 digit VIN gives an auto glass technician some knowledge on the vehicle, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t outline the exact windshield or parts needed to repair it. In fact, it does not include the glass part number for the vehicle. That’s often when an auto glassprofessional will use a decoder to help narrow down the list of materials nneded for their project, and the potential glass neded for the windshield.

Visit and enter “VIN Decoder” into the Search box.

3. New Distribution Center for Fuyao

Fuyao Glass Industry Group recently confirmed the company’s plans to purchase land for a new distribution center to be located in Moraine, Ohio.

Visit and enter “Fuyao Distribution Center” into the Search box.

4. Keith Beveridge’s New Venture

After spending three decades in the auto glass industry, former Novus senior vice president Keith Beveridge saw a new business venture and went after it. He was attracted to a growind industry, where anyone can participate and that also allows a person to throw themselves into it … literally. The excitement led Beveridge to join with partners to open FennelJax’s in St. Paul, Minn.

See page 36 for this story.

5. Recalls to Know About

The National Highway Travel Safety Administration released a series of recalls recently that shop owners, managers and auto glass installers, should keep on their radar. The issues stem around loss of visibility for drivers and cases of obstructed view in Dodge vehicles.

Visit and enter “2018 Dodge” into the Search box.

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