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1 Some Shops Say COVID Sanitation Fees Being Denied

Augie DeFeo wants to know why GEICO is suddenly denying the $25 reimbursement for COVID sanitizing even though cases continue to soar.

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2 Ford Issues Windshield Adhesion Recall

Ford Motor Company (Ford) issued a safety recall for select truck models. According to the company, the affected vehicles do not comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards because the front windshields are inadequately bonded to the vehicle body structure.

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3 Auto Glass Technician Outlines Tips for 2020 Civic Back Glass Replacement

Thanks so much to Aaron Bradford, of Driftwood Auto Glass for writing an article for glassBYTEs on how to install the Civic back glass on the 2020 model. Bradford told us that the back glass was a particularly difficult install, so he composed these instructions to help other auto glass technicians who might run into the same difficulties.

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4 Midwest Company Expands In Florida

City Auto Glass (CAG) has a strong reputation spanning across several states, including Minnesota, western Wisconsin, northern Iowa, and most recently, mobile locations in central and southern Florida. Two of the company’s representatives shared insight on future company expansion, mobile calibrations and more. CAG opened in the Orlando territory and the South Florida market in January 2020.

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5 More Issues with “Right To Repair” Law Surface

The Alliance for Automotive Innovation’s (the Alliance), a trade association for the automotive industry, challenge to the recently passed Right to Repair vehicle data law will move forward, according to court documents and a recent video conference hearing. Judge Woodlock dismissed a motion made by the state’s Attorney General, Maura Healy, which said additional discovery is needed ahead of a possible bench trial.

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