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1. Aftermarket Windshield Recall

Fujian Wanda Automotive Glass Industry Co. Ltd. (Wanda) has issued a voluntary recall of nine different after-market windshields it makes citing safety concerns.

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2. Lawsuit Filed Against Two Distributors and Several Manufacturers Alleging a Boycott, Conspiracy

A New York auto glass distributor has filed suit against two other auto glass distributors and several manufacturers alleging they have conspired against the company and boycotted it in an attempt to eliminate it from the market. O.E.M. Glass Network Inc. and Brooklyn Wholesale Glass Inc. (known together as OEMGN) filed the suit against Mygrant Glass Company Inc., Interstate Glass of Amityville NY LLC, Metro Glass Distributing Inc., Xinyi Auto Glass North America Corp., Vitro S.A.B. de C.V., Vitro Automotive Glass LLC, Fuyao Glass America Inc., Auto Temp Inc. and Sika Corp. on February 6 in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York.

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3. Updated: Recent Fire Destroys Auto Glass Business’ Tools And More

As many in the industry know—running a business isn’t easy, but it gets even more complicated when an unexpected fire puts all of your work on hold. This was the unfortunate reality for one auto glass family as a recent fire destroyed a truck with thou-sands of dollars’ worth in tools becoming a complete loss. But luckily the industry stepped up to help.

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4. Volvo Releases Statement for Repair Shops

Volvo recently released a statement that involves what is to be used for windshield replacements on the company’s brand of vehicles. According to the company, it wants only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) auto glass used.

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5. Clairus Gains US-based Advanced Auto Glass Inc.

The Clairus Group recently made a move to strengthen its position in the U.S. market. It established a partnership with LRST, a U.S .based management company that provides strategic management and M&A services to Clairus Group on an exclusive basis, according to the company. With this move comes an acquisition as the company has acquired a majority stake in Ohio-based, Advanced Auto Glass, from Christina Pattakos, who acquired the business from her father in the early 2000’s and who remains a key partner and shareholder.

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