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1 Safelite to Close Business Unit

Safelite Autoglass notified employees and key customers that it ended its wholesale operation, Service Auto Glass, and the wholesale side of its business on Tuesday, January 5, 2021.
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2 The Future of ADAS and Proper Vehicle Calibration

“You need to take this [factors to consider for ADAS calibrations] seriously and perfect your CRAFFT,” said David DeBoer, Burke Porter Group president and CEO, during an industry meeting. The webinar, ADAS from Factory to Repair, was presented by DeBoer—and he discussed the future of ADAS and certain requirements to ensure proper vehicle calibration.
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3 Safelite Takes Over Country Financial’s Auto Glass Services

Safelite has begun administering claims for Country Financial’s auto glass program. LYNX Services was the previous claims administrator. The change was effective January 1, 2021.
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4 LYNX Services Adds Calibration Services to Participant Profiles

LYNX Services has made some updates to its auto glass program participants’ profiles, which include whether or not the shop has recalibration services, with the aim of enhancing its policyholder experience.
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5 Auto Glass Executive’s Second Act Includes Murder

After a long career in business and auto glass that gave David Rohlfing the opportunity to travel the continent, he decided to write his first novel, Deliberate Duplicity. Rohlfing’s debut novel, published on January 5, 2021, explores the twisted, vengeful mind of a serial killer, and follows dedicated detective Sasha Frank, “who is hell-bent on solving the mystery behind this string of gruesome crimes.”
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