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Subaru: Touch the Camera, Replace It

Auto glass technicians know all too well that each vehicle has their own intricacies. This is especially true in newer models equipped with advanced features.

Late last year, Collision Advice—a consulting company for the collision industry—ran a two-part webinar series called Learn to Research, Re-search to Learn, Using the Subaru Technical Information System on the company’s YouTube channel. Led by Collision Advice CEO Mike Anderson, the webinar delved into some aspects of repair that are particu-lar to Subarus, noting that “there’s a specific urethane that is required whenever you remove a glass on a Subaru.” Using non-recommended parts, including urethanes or other adhesives, Anderson pointed out, could void a warranty.

And when it comes to the Subaru’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, called EyeSight, Anderson said the service manual shows there’s a lot of things that need to be inspected. This includes the ad-monition that the camera casing needs to be covered with paper to protect the camera whenever the car’s windshield is being worked on. Additionally, the tape used to affix the paper should not come in con-tact with the camera itself nor the windshield.

Subaru Technician Assistance Helpline tech JJ Marino explained that any contamination of the Eye-sight camera lens, requires a full camera replacement. A clearly surprised Anderson asked Marino to repeat his statement.

“If anything gets on those lens-es, they cannot be cleaned and the camera must be replaced. You can’t touch those lenses. You can use compressed air if it’s just dust, but anything else will require a camera replacement,” he said.

Calibration Competition Returns for 2nd Year

The Auto Glass Technician Calibration Competition will be held for the second time at Auto Glass Week™ 2019, due to its positive response in its inaugural year.

This competition is dedicated to finding and honoring the best calibrators in the world and is sponsored by Opti-Aim.

Similar to last year, all competitors will complete a preliminary heat at their shop. Then the technicians with the highest scores will move on to the next phase and be-come finalists.

The top competitors will compete in person in the finals round to be held in Ind. during Auto Glass Week™ 2019.

The gold medalist and grand champion of the Auto Glass Technician Calibration Competition will be announced at the Closing Awards Party and will receive a prize of $5,000 and bragging rights as the “World’s Best Auto Glass Calibration Technician.”

The technology behind Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) often makes recalibration of the ADAS system necessary after a windshield replacement. This competition focuses on the proper methods and technology necessary for such calibrations.

Auto Glass Week 2019 is an international OE and aftermarket auto glass repair and replacement show taking place September 4-6 at the Indiana Convention Center in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, Ind.

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