ADAS Jan/Feb 2019

How Much is that Windshield in the Vehicle?

Knowing how much other technicians are getting paid for windshields equipped with advanced technology is a figure most AGRR company owners would love to have. Thanks to a recent study by AAA, there is at least one set of data available. AAA recently conducted a study of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in three vehicles “to better understand the costs of replacing and/or calibrating ADAS sensors in typical collision and repair scenarios.”

AAA sought to find what addition-al repair costs are incurred when specific ADAS cameras and sensors are damaged and/or must be calibrated; and how much it costs to replace a windshield on a vehicle with an ADAS camera sensor that must be calibrated.

The study finds that windshield replacements for vehicles equipped with automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning systems ranges from $1,200 to $1,600 for aftermarket glass and $1,300 to $1,650 for OE glass, according to the AAA report.

The study looks at a small sport utility vehicle (2018 Nissan Rogue), a medium sedan (2018 Toyota Camry) and a full-size pickup truck (2018 Ford F-150).

“Each vehicle selected was equipped with the highest avail-able level of ADAS functionality,” writes AAA.

The report notes that “there are a number of variables that come into play when calculating repair costs for ADAS systems.”

“Factors determined to be base-line values include: vehicle year, make, model, trim and options; repair part types and costs; re-pair labor operation times; auto body facility labor rates; dealer service department labor rates; and third-party auto glass replacement and ADAS sensor calibration costs,” writes AAA.

The report offers several tips for consumers whose windshields with ADAS need to be replaced. AAA encourages consumers to understand the type of technology the vehicle has and how much it would cost if damaged; review insurance policies to find out what is covered; select a repair facility that is able to repair and calibrate ADAS; and, following a replacement, “request proof that safety systems were properly re-paired and calibrated.”

All 3 vehicles are in the art folder for this dept. they are of the Toyota Camry, the Ford F-150 and the Nissan Rogue.

Tech Enables Cars to Predict Road Conditions

Bosch has devised a way for automated vehicles to predict a variety of conditions on any particular day, and then make a decision on whether or not the car can drive on its own in that given situation. This service provides the system with real-time information about the environmental conditions and associated potential hazards long before a critical situation occurs, says Bosch. Consequently, the system can adapt its driving style accordingly, instead of deactivating the function and handing over to the driver.

The company uses weather data, along with a worldwide reference fleet and machine learning algorithms, to predict conditions. As the number of networked vehicles in the market increases, the service based on weather data will be supplemented with vehicle data, the company adds. Examples of such information are temperature, wiper activity and road wetness. The connectivity enables this information to be transmitted to the Bosch Cloud.

Just another example of future technology that will be built into those cars that could roll into your shop.

To view the laid-in version of this article in our digital edition, CLICK HERE.

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